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Protect Your Creativity

Service Comparison

Write Vault versus Other Companies

We chose our three main U.S. Competitors for a service comparison.

Information was taken directly from each company's website.

Digital Registration Services are nothing new, many of the companies listed here have been around for a very long time. But at Write Vault, our main concern is you, the artist, designer and writer.

We think it's important to create an independent system which allows artists, designers and writers to protect their documents without emptying their wallets.

We also think your registration should last longer than the average, and for the price, we beat all of our competitors. Write Vault is also on the forefront of technology, making sure your work is protected with the most secure encryption methods available.

(as of 05/23/2013) Creator's Vault ProtectRite WGAW (non-union members) Write Vault
Instant Certificates No Yes No Yes
Document Sharing No No No Yes
Internal Member Communication No No No Yes
File Formats ALL All but .ZIP
File Size Allowance 3MB ? unknown 10MB 15MB*
Instant Certificate # Verification No No No Yes
Independent? No Yes No Yes
(artists, writers, and more)
No Yes No Yes
Customer Support Email Email, Phone Email, Phone Email, Phone
Price/Length of Registration 5 years - $20
7 years - $25
10 years - $30
$18.95 / 10 years $20 / 5 years $10 / 10 years
Minimum Price Per Year $4.00 $1.89 $4.00 $1.00

We excel in almost every area.

As you may notice, we do not accept all file types and for good reason.

Accepting all file types opens a system to uploaded malware or viruses that can be exploited. This is a security risk to your data and our network, so we have confined the list to the most frequently used file types among artists, writers, and designers. If you would like to have us add a file type, please contact us and we'll review it.

* 15mb listed above does not include an additional 5mb we offer for cover art!