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A Word About Customer Service

May 9, 2013 by editor
Category: News

At Write Vault,  we wanted to share a little bit about our philosophy regarding Customer Service.

It’s 2013, we have live breaking news within seconds on websites like Twitter and our personal computing devices download content immediately for consumption so why is “Customer Service” still so slow?

It shouldn’t be.

We value your time, and we know that the few seconds you have in a day to contact us are out of your way and limited.

We aim to address concerns as fast as humanly possible. Startling, we know. Don’t be surprised if you receive a reply before your email client returns back to the inbox. It’s happened, because we feel every email should be responded to as soon as possible during business hours. Outside of that time frame, it’s quite possible you’ll receive a quick response too, it’s just how we roll.

Recently, a customer wrote in with a valid point about a specific function they did not like regarding  our website. We listened, responded within minutes and in two hours, the changes to our site were added because we felt this this customer had a valid point and we wanted to serve them and the rest of our customers without hesitation.

We hope we can serve you quickly when you write in with concerns. You know where to find us:

Stacy Porter - Managing Director

Stacy Porter
Managing Director



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