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Write Vault: Protect Your Creativity

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Happy New Year!

January 2, 2014 by editor
Category: News

We here at Write Vault hope you had a creative holiday season full of uninterrupted hours of time to create, and some pie because you have to have pie…it’s the law.

We have an exciting tidbit of news from behind the Write Vault curtain:

Write Vault has partnered with InkTip, the internet’s most popular service for matching producers to screenwriters.


More than 140 feature-length movies have been produced from writers and scripts found through InkTip.  If you’re new to the business of screenwriting, that number may seem small, but for those who are old hat to the biz, that’s an amazing feat. It’s a number that gives hope to many writers because it shows results unlike many other services.

As the managing director, I personally can stand by their product as I have used their services successfully in the past to reach out and connect with production companies and producers looking for new works, and new talent.

As a partner to InkTip, we look forward to bringing you news of their added services that are in development, (shhhhh, it’s top secret) and discuss the many services they already have to offer in the coming weeks.

If you’re hesitant to put your work out there, or if your budget isn’t in line just yet to splurge on their newsletter, we suggest trying out InkTip using their free shorts division catalog where writers can list any short for free provided you have an account and the work is registered. And what better way to test out InkTip than with a registration at Write Vault! When you fill out the work registration form, simply enter your Write Vault registration number in their corresponding  field and you’re a step closer to meeting producers looking for short films!

Again, thanks go out to Jerrol, the owner of InkTip.  He has the writer’s back and I can’t say that for a lot of businesses out there. A shout out to Gato too, we know you’ve moved on, but we know you’re out there! Thanks again!


Happy New Year!  Kick 2014 in the ass!


Stacy Porter
Managing Director
Write Vault


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