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Write Vault: Protect Your Creativity

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New at Write Vault!

February 24, 2015 by editor
Category: News

New at Write Vault: Gift your credits to another user!

New at WriteVault! Gift your credits to another user!You may have noticed a new feature in your Write Vault account.

We rolled in the ability to gift credits a month ago to see what would happen and we’re pleased to announce that it is now a permanent service feature.

If you love Write Vault and you want to quickly allow another user to register a document, now you can!

Gifting credits can be used in so many ways:

  • Is your fellow artist or writer out of funds to register a document?  Share a credit!
  • Trying to find the perfect prize for your competition? Give away credits!
  • Let your local artists know you support them by purchasing and gifting credits!

All you need is either their username if they’re already a member or their user email address and we’ll send them a letter announcing their gift in your name.

Please note: at this time, your recipient must be a member of Write Vault before you send them a credit*.

How to gift a credit at Write Vault


To give away a credit:

  • Simply click the blue button located in the top right area of My Account.
  • Insert the username or email address of the member you want to give credits to and a personal message.
  • That’s it!

*In a couple weeks we’ll be rolling out the ability to send credits to non-members, stay tuned!


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